Summer Settlers

Biodiversity is a broad area that impacts the political, social, economic and cultural life. This impact and importance is often lost through a myriad of inaccessible studies, policy documents, and technical language that do not necessarily capture the complexity that surrounds biodiversity. These limitations stem from those of our current approaches and conventional forms/languages of documentation and communication. In collaboration with the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station (ARRS), the intent is to drive change and imagine new ways of documentation and creative communication of biodiversity, working with field biologists, in Agumbe, Karnataka, Western Ghats.

The intent of this project was to represent the data collected on the yellow wattled Lapwing by the researchers at ARRS and convert the information for more accessible and easier understanding for a wider audience.  At ARRS, biologists, ecologists and other researchers study the behavior of specific species in their microhabitats. The forms in which these studies are documented are limited to primarily text-based records from a species specific perspective. Although these studies enable the researcher to observe and gain knowledge about their subjects, they are unable to communicate their findings to another audience, of the nature of the changing site conditions and scales of operations. This project sought to reimage biological diversity of the Western Ghats beyond the species approach – to see habitats, micro-ecosystems, landscapes, and patterns of behavior in these places across time, scales, practices and relationships. For this purpose of creative communication an illustrated book was developed. Focused around the yellow wattled Lapwing, the narrative explores importance of the grasslands, and the rich biodiversity that resides within it.

Style Exploration


To view the storybook, please click here – Summer Settlers..WEB.

Lead Faculty/Mentor: Deepta Sateesh  |  Student: Mariya Madraswala.



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