The Land Where the Sticker Tree Grows

The Communicating Biodiversity project is initiated by the National Biodiversity Authority of India and housed and managed by the Design + Environment + Law Laboratory at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology as a way of communicating the importance of Biodiversity to the wider public through creative modes of communication, such as a storybook.

Do those of us who lead an urban lifestyle consider biodiversity too remote a problem? Or are we aware that the choices we make, our consumption patterns and our outlook towards natural resources define which and how many species we will share the planet with in the future? The storybook unravels these themes and others that draw connections between the urban lifestyle and biological diversity. Through this project Malvika Tiwari explored the possibilities of communication design for the purpose of awareness building through storytelling.

Narrative Development

Character Development

The importance of our choices as consumers and their impact on biodiversity remains yet to be addressed in a digestible and effective form. We remain indifferent to the wide spectrum of reactions that occur across all sections of society with the slightest change in biodiversity. Instead of addressing change in biodiversity through the theme of loss, such as disappearing species or habitat loss, the project tries to address the change through something that is visible in urban spaces- abundance. The infestation of pests, the explosion of brands and stickers in markets and the large expanses of monoculture farms become the triggers of reflecting on the situation of biodiversity in cities.

Story Map



Final Style

Storytelling is an integral part of how we develop as people and as a civilisation by carrying information. To bead together information in a narrative form is a primal and effective mode of communication and is a practice that pervades all cultures.

Please find the book here:

Project Team:

Mentor: Deepta Sateesh  |  Student/Illustrator: Malvika Tiwari



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