Notice: The DEL Laboratory ran from December 2012 to June 2021. The lab has a new avatar! We are now a budding research center, called Odde (which means wet, damp, moist, in Kannada). The extensive practice-based research and experimental design projects here, intertwined with immersive investigations in wet places (wet ontologies) form the focus of Odde Research Center. Please visit us here.


The DEL Laboratory was set up to bring a creative approach to working in contentious landscapes. Through design practices, transdisciplinary research and creative action, the lab continues to explore places, investigate issues and create sensitive interventions that are more inclusive and enable adaptation to change and unpredictability.

The lab partnered with communities, NGOs and government bodies to co-create projects that have potential impact, collaborating to bring together diverse expertise, and communicate/disseminate the work appropriately.

The DEL Laboratory project portfolio consists of studio projects run at the Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and includes Creative Alternatives, Data Synthesis, and Design Research works. Students, faculty and partners worked collaboratively to produce the work (from concept to process and final outcomes) that were driven to be sensitive and relevant to their contexts in order to have impact on the ground, with people and places.